Minecraft: Seeds & World Hot spots

So, you’ve found this game called Minecraft, but you want to start playing next to a village, a lava pool, a ruin,  a temple, a dungeon, or in a flying city. You can let Minecraft create random maps until you find something you like, start throwing random seeds into the World Generator, or you can search the Internet for something interesting.

There are a few methods you can try, in order to help you decide whether you like a world or not. The easiest ways to do it without cheating are to climb a nearby tree, hill, mountain, or build a dirt tower. Aside: If you build a dirt tower high enough, you can escape death in the night from monsters. It’s a very boring wait though.

Before you take off and if you find something you like, I recommend using F3 to write down your XYZ location. I use a spreadsheet to keep track of such things.

Important Note: Toggling Gamemode;

  • /gamemode creative (turns on creative mode)
  • /gamemode survival (turns off creative mode)

Warning! This is a cheat! (Requires Cheats be enabled in More World Options, when creating the world.)

Changing your gamemode allows you to build or destroy quickly, evade monsters (they stop attacking you, but not villagers), fly, access all items and blocks (unlimited), etc.


Type /gamemode creative – then double-tap the space-bar and you can fly up high enough to get a view of the land (space = up, shift = down, and double-space = flight off/on). If you get lost, you have three choices for finding yourself again. You can use the above information to keep track of your starting point and current location, you can get your character killed (which takes you back to your starting point or the last bed your character slept in), or you can delete and recreate the World. The quickest way, by far, to get back to your starting point, is to turn off creative mode from a great height. It’s also possible to move around via portals, but you won’t have the ability to create these right away without cheating (big time).

Navigating in Minecraft:

  • X = East -45°/West 45°
  • Y= Up/Down
  • Z = North 180°/South 0°

It seems that once you find a special location, you will find more… if you follow the correct path from the first one you found. This can be done above ground and under water, but is very difficult underground. Many of these sites are,  just barely, within sight of each other, when there is a clear line-of-sight. As in, if you are halfway between both of them, you can see them both by turning 180°. I’ve seen this occur on a few worlds now.


Example World – Seed: DownLow

  • I came up with this seed, though someone else may have tried it already. For this one, once you find one of the below villages or temples, 0° and 180° takes you right along a line of temples and villages. They seem to occur at about 100° to 250° intervals, but there could be more goodies below ground and underwater.  Notice the last village, which is way far away from the rest, but still along the same line.

Starting XYZ: 11.500 / 72 / 30.500

Temple XYZ:

  • -317.876 / 123 / -397.797
  • -357,548 / 74 / 568.568.

Village XYZ:

  • -234.989 / 73 / -138.841
  • -267.048 / 73 / 53.050
  • -294.752 / 105 / 1314.106

Example World: Seed: 54258544 (Follow the link to see the article from the person who recommended this seed.) There’s supposed to be all kinds of awesome locations:  villages, floating islands, etc., but I haven’t found them yet.

Starting: XYZ: 20.500 / 63 / 211.500

Village XYZ:

  • -442.487/ 71 / -938.446

Mines XYZ: (These points are not over the center of the location, because they are only visible from beside the location. Some of these points may  lead to the same mine.)

  • 692.446 / 83 / -344.1111
  • -637.344 / 77 / -148.881
  • -679.454 / 71 / -79.081
  • -690.470 / 75 / -76.064
  • -851.756 / 71 / -568.925
  • -922.046 / 81 / -622.415

Pumpkins XYZ:

  • 1151.117 / 74 / -999.114
  • 292.821 / 80 /  -272.323

I will continue adding to information on these two worlds on this article, but if I work on any other worlds, I will attach a document.