Please Read Stories: Written and Spoken, before reading this article.

One of my favorite stories highlights a number of these topics (family and family ties, survival, and striving against stacked odds) and was written by Alan Dean Foster. Flinx had no memory, no family, and no records of his history. The Adventures of Pip and Flinx takes this child from boyhood to man on a quest to find his place and his identity. The story is rife with surprises and displays characters of depth and passion. Some of these characters are good people with integrity and others are hate-filled and bigoted.

These stories include scenes with violence and death. If you are a young person still living with your parents, you should ask them to review these stories, before reading them. Why do I recommend these stories? Because life is filled with good and bad people. We should be thankful for the good people and prepared to defend ourselves from those who are not. They are also very well written stories, with characters who have personality and who show care for more than self interest.

The Adventures of Pip & Flinx stories by Alan Dean Foster, in order are:

  • For Love of Mother Not
  • The Tar-Aiym Krang
  • The Orphan Star
  • The End of the Matter
  • Flinx in Flux
  • Mid Flinx
  • Reunion
  • Flinx’s Folly
  • Sliding Scales
  • Running from the Deity
  • Bloodhype
  • Trouble Magnet
  • Patrimony
  • Flinx Transcendent