Ok, Minecraft happens to be one of my vices. I do enjoy the…

  • Building: It takes some strategy and a well built house gives you a defensible position against monsters.
  • Chasing down monsters: Cause if you don’t get them, they “WILL” get you.
  • Gardening: Weed free and the crops don’t go bad in the fields.
  • Hunting for crops and items: Found in monster drops, in dungeon chests, growing randomly around the “world”, or in villages. Though many items are player created.

To assist in building, I and my son have collaborated on a few cobblestone generators.

Here is the 4x Upright Cobblestone Generator. It was inspired by a fellow minecrafter, who’s page I can no longer find.

It is fairly simple, meaning it does not “require” any moving parts or even the hoppers and chest shown clearly in the first two pictures. It is built here using Polished Granite, so that you can easily see the number of blocks required, but can be made with many of the other blocks. I highly recommend blocks that are more durable though, such as obsidian. In order to remove the chances of a creeper blowing it up. It is much cheaper though to simply enclose it or raise it up and light it well. Be careful though, as playing with lava and water can make a mighty mess, if it gets loose.

Cobblestone Generator