Who determines whether a change is an improvement, a failure, progress, or regression? You and I do. But we cannot do this if we are unaware of what’s out there or if we hear a twisted or outright untrue representation of a situation or events. This is why fact-checking is so important.

I recommend using a search engine to pull up the same article from multiple vendors, especially from at least two news vendors with differing political opinions (yes, news vendors have political opinions) and (if applicable) from the political reporters/parties. You can tell a news vendor’s political opinion by comparing the differing reports of the same events. It is amazing how different the same story can be reported.

When I find articles of interest, I will post the links below this article (in the menu).

Example: Topics > Progress or Regression > 3D Printers

If I feel a subject is worth debate, I will find opposing viewpoints to compare the reports.