Rule #1: This site is about advice. Advice = It worked for me/someone I know or it sounds sensible/logical.

Rule #2: Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and the right to speak them. That does not mean anyone has to listen or that anyone is required to publish them.

Rule #3: Please refrain from complaining, personal attacks, and the use of adult content (including logon names) and vulgar terminology (commonly known as foul language or curse words). These add nothing valuable to a conversation and do not promote solutions. Other sites exist that  cater to and provide outlets for such unproductive activities.

+ If the language and topic are not suitable to be in the company of small children,  clean it up or go elsewhere.

Rule #4: Spammers (including attempts at unpaid advertisements), will be blocked without hesitation or regret. Those breaking rule #3 might get a warning first(admin’s privilege of choice).

Rule #5: You are responsible for your own choices. If you feel that someone is giving you directives or orders, please refer to rule #1, because even if it sounds like someone is telling you what to do or how to do it, this site is about advice. It is up to you to use your own head, do your own research, and make up your own mind about things. This site is about sensible, logical advice. It is not providing professional opinions. For example, if you need a medical opinion, seek out a doctor. Do not expect a professional opinion you did not pay for.

Rule #6: Arguments are acceptable on this site, while fights are not.
There is a vast difference between an argument and a fight.

  • Conversation: Discussion between two or more people, regardless of agreement or disagreement.
  • Argument: A discussion between two people with differing opinions about the topic of conversation.
  • Fight: A physically or verbally violent attack.

Rule #7: If you do not recognize a term or phrase, please look it up using any of the multitude of available online dictionaries or use a search engine to discover the meaning, before asking someone what something means or attempting to argue a topic.