Ok. So take this seriously, but don’t let the title or the focus of the following YouTube video fool you. It isn’t just Millennials that have this problem. He’s definitely right that Dopamine, just like Adrenaline is highly addictive and that balance is the important factor.

Here is the test for whether you have an addictive and unhealthy habit:

  1. Are you letting important things, such as cleanliness and family responsibility slide in favor of your favorite “hobby”?
  2. Do you find yourself spending money you can ill-afford on your “habit”?
  3. Do you find yourself making excuses for your behavior or saying something like I can quit any time I want?

It doesn’t matter how many other people tell someone, that something is a problem. If the person with the problem doesn’t decide that it is a problem, nothing will be solved. If YOU have a problem, the first step, the same with all other addictive habits, is to recognize that it IS a problem and that it isn’t acceptable to YOU.

It isn’t just illegal drugs that can lead to such poor behaviors and you aren’t alone. The following YouTube video provides a few very good examples of alternative addiction behaviors: