Safety & Security
Original Post: 15-Jun-2013

Safety & Security Topics

The path to safety and security has never been a simple, straight, and narrow path. The sub-headers of this subject must include home, personal, family, food, driving, information technology (IT), and weapons safety.

► Home  Security (measures meant to keep a house safe)

  • A prickly bush planted under windows discourages burglars.
  • A Fire extinguisher and Fire Alarm in each room: especially in the Kitchen.
  • Maintain a good home or rental insurance plan
  • Ensure that only household members have keys to the house (do not trust someone to return keys)

► Personal

  • Self defense training
  • Personal hygiene activities
  • Weapons training
  • See IT Security

► Family

  • A first aid kit in the house and each vehicle
  • A foul weather kit in the house and each vehicle (setup differs by region)
  • Hazard Reaction Plans (such as weather, earthquake, fire, tornado, and intruders)
  • A Personal Safety Plan for each family member
  • See IT Security

► Food

  • Foods Awareness – Awareness of ingredients in prepackaged foods and nutritional requirements
  • Food Rotation Protocols – Prevents outdated food on the shelf and in the fridge or freezer
  • Food Handling & Kitchen Hazard training – Reduces the chances of food poisoning and accident incidents.
  • Emergency Contingency Training – Such as how to react to a grease fire and ingredient substitution

► Driving

  • Defensive Driving ◦Remain alert to traffic (conditions and other drivers/vehicles) and never drive under-the-influence of anything that impairs mental acuity.
  • Maintain a good auto insurance plan
  • Vehicle Maintenance

► IT

  • Computer – Such as Firewalls, Antivirus, Port Security, and Safety/Security Protocols
  • Family or Individual  – Includes Safety/Security Protocols and Password Sense Training
  • Network – Such as Firewalls, Port Security, Scanners, and Sniffers