Your Body: The Best Chemical Lab in the World!

If you want to feel better, eat better.

If you don’t feel good, the problem and solution may lay in your diet. About a year ago, I was too exhausted after work, to even think about walking even a mile. Just going grocery shopping caused me excruciating pain.

This year, after significantly changing my diet (and a few months to work up to it), I am now able to walk 10 miles a day. I have hopes that I may be able to run again in the near future.

What did I change? I increased my intake of vegetation to 2/3rds of my diet, I try to eat fish 2 to 3 times per week, and I eat 24 almonds daily.

The vegetation breaks down roughly into 1/3 fruits and 1/3 vegetables. Amongst these I include avocado, pineapple, apple, orange, celery, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, kale, spinach, banana, and honeydew melon. This list changes a little day to day, as I run out of some and get more, but I try to keep this core list available in my kitchen. How can I eat so many different items in a day. I don’t eat a lot of any one of them (about 1/8 cup for most items). How can I keep them on hand long enough for them to be useful, using such small quantities at a time? I throw them into a blender and freeze them in ice-cube trays (which coincidentally happens to come with 1/8 cup cubes). The better to make fruit or vegetable smoothies with.

The back pain and migraines crop up very rarely now and generally are only a reminder that I should get back on the diet (and by now I should know better, right?).

Side benefits: I am no longer feeling constantly dehydrated (side requirement for this drinking filtered water).