Why should you state the obvious?

  • People often fail to pass concepts on to their children, coworkers, subordinates, etc., because they think the concepts are obvious and should not need to be stated. 
  • Sometimes the obvious to one person is not so obvious to others.
    • Sometimes people need reminders of the obvious, because they just aren’t thinking of it.
    • Often, people think of certain concepts as obvious after discussing them, but had not used them or incorporated them into their daily lives until someone mentioned them.

Why people fail to state the obvious:

  • Many people do not bring up topics that they think of as obvious, because they think they might be razzed, denigrated, dismissed, thought less of, etc. Many wise and important concepts are lost in this way.


Thought from Ehrin:

When I write statements up, I tend to forget to include the parts that I think of as obvious, but those points often seem to wow people. I don’t know why. Maybe because they WERE thought of and covered.