Stopping the oil industry will not solve any problems without a reasonable alternative. And by this I seriously mean a cheaper, easier to support, much cleaner, and safer alternative.

Right now the Big Bad Oil Industry supports us in getting to work and transports our food to the groceries, emergency services to our doors and back to the hospitals, raw materials to production facilities, and makes possible ever so many more things that we (today) consider to be the necessities of daily life.

We have wind farms and solar farms producing some power and some individuals have wind turbines and solar panels at their homes. It is expensive to install and maintain these options. I do not have the real numbers on the benefit to the individual in using these options. Having done some research on the matter, finding clear cut answers is not simple or easy.



Required to run/support the use of a Refrigerator, Freezer, Water Heater, Stovetop/Oven, Microwave, Coffeepot (alternative hot water on demand, water heater for hot drinks), T.V., Computer and Modem/Router (multiplied by however many computers you are running in your house), and whatever other thing you might want to keep plugged in all day along with two or three lights and two or three other hot power outlets several times per day for random stuff, such as vacuuming the house or what have you. Household Calculation

Purchase Cost:

Installation Cost:

Plus the Damage Cost if you install it yourself and do it wrong:
This of course would vary, but has to be considered.


Because neither the wind, nor the sun are available all day every day.

Maintenance Cost:

Because you cannot just install it and expect it to run for the next 20 years to life without any maintenance.

Estimated Reoccurrence Maintenance Requirement:

Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually, biennially, Etc.

Replacement Cost: (Each part individually and the entire setup)

Everything wears out, especially batteries.

Estimated Reoccurrence Replacement Requirement:

Annually, biennially, decennially, Etc. Because replacement shouldn’t have to happen as often as maintenance.

Do you have a reasonable alternative to Big Oil to offer or any answers to the above questions?

  •   Watts:  Power, calculated using amps and volts. Example: Household light fixtures might take a 3-way lightbulb, that uses 30, 70, or 100 Watts.
    • Watt (W)=Amps*Volts
  • Amps or Current (I): The workhorse in electricity, amps are what run our equipment. As little as .1 to .2 amps is deadly. It isn’t the volts, which the big danger signs announce in the thousands of volts.
    • Amps=Watts/Volts
  • Volts (V): The factor in electricity that pushes amps along the wire. You might have thousands of volts and a relatively tiny amount of amps.
    • Volts=Watts/Amps