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DIY Tips and Tricks. Or… Cool and very useful stuff that you can make for yourself.

I’ve noticed that there is a LOT of awesome and inspiring DIY (do it yourself) info out there for survival back to the basics, such as Food, Shelter, and Clothing. I’ve decided to repost this post any time I add something I’ve found that’s interesting. Whatever is newest, will be Bolded and in Italics. If this list becomes too large, I will break it down into sub-topics. If you find that one of these links no longer works, please let me know.

I figure, that we (humanity) can either help each other out and thrive or we can all go back to the dark ages due to hate and ignorance. I personally don’t believe that it was romantic to live in mud and wattle huts, with no electricity, and without the capacity to share ideas. Every additional voice has the capacity to make all our lives richer, so long as that voice is encouraged to learn and grow.

Now… you might just blow off DIY, because you can buy these things ready-made at the store. Or… maybe you think that some of these things are no better than Doomsday Prepping. Please reconsider. Some of the best inventions out there wouldn’t exist, if people weren’t trying to think of a way to do something for themselves or have an idea on how to do things better. You just have to come up with a way to make your idea easily reproducible, advertise it, and then get your product to your customer.

Who knows… You might be sitting on the next great invention!

30 Garden Hacks & 5 Minute Decor Tricks

Fishing Bow from Large Bicycle Tires

Homemade Alcohol Burner/Cookstove
– Requires a small jar with lid; another larger lid (or a metal plate); 3 long bolts, with washers and nuts; and a copper tube.

Multiple Seed Starting Tricks
– Some of these are duplicates of the 30 Garden Hacks. I will review and delete it if I find that everything is a duplication.