An individual may volunteer for torture (such as 60+ hours of overtime per week) and not feel overly strained, even when doing this for half a year or more. This is because the individual set their mind to it for a goal or a purpose. The same individual, told to do the same amount of overtime will start to feel tired and strained from doing the overtime, especially if the overtime is required for a long time (several months). This is even when the individual does self pep talks regarding the reasons for doing overtime regardless of who instigated it and even when aware of this psychological quirk.

The difference is that such self-inflicted torture is something that a person has control over and can choose to stop doing at any time.

Remember that if you do not like the policies at your workplace, you can attempt to work within the existing system to get the policies changed, you have the right to get a job elsewhere, and you can even start your on business. Of course if you own your own business, you may set your own policies and enjoy all the self-inflicted torture you want (within the limits of the law).