Cube Living or Couch Sitting and their Effects on You!

The popular belief of the purpose of confining animals to small cages is to increase the fattiness of the meat. Now, consider this in relation to how much you move around and how much activity you get per day.

I was going to compare working in a cube-farm (workplaces filled with compartments called cubicles) to foie gras, but after doing a little research, the practice no longer confines the ducks to tiny little cages and we (the average worker) do get to move around for breaks, lunch, and going home daily. Additionally duck’s livers are huge and fatty regardless of this change.

I still feel that eating without expending energy through activity, is likely produce a similar situation to that of the making of foie gras. Example: working in a cube-farm, then going home to be a couch-potato. There is plenty of research and many statements that tell you to work out and eat a healthy diet, but not a lot of statements about what it does to our internal organs, compared to… say what happens to farm animals that get lots of rich food and don’t get out much. I would like to know, yay or nay, one way or another, but I highly suspect that poor eating and lack of exercise is very bad for us AND is reflected in the health of our internal organs, as well as our appearance (which is a far secondary concern to me).

I would like to encourage anyone who can, to replace your personal computer desk with one that offers the ability to stand or sit: preferably one that allows you to slide a treadmill up to it or alternatively a bicycle or elliptical machine. For those who don’t sit in front of their computer a lot, perhaps the same equipment set behind your couch or recliner would be beneficial.

I plan to get one or two as soon as I can afford it.

Which reminds me (tapping watch) time to go for a walk.