I like the idea of everyone serving a minimum of two years. It would serve multiple purposes.

  1. Everyone would be able to claim work experience.
  2. People would lose the unrealistic notion that weapons somehow jump off the shelf and are dangerous all on their own.
  3. If everyone started out as a Private/E-1, the military would be able to pick from the best of them for those who wanted to go on to be officers.
  4. Everyone would learn proper weapon’s safety. The biggest rules of which are:
    1. Never point a weapon at someone unless you intend to use it (Don’t play with guns, knives, etc.).
    2. Panic solves no problems, ever!
    3. If you are in a life threatening situation, don’t drop your weapon until it is certain that the threat has been cleared (and don’t drop it anyway… it is disrespectful to your equipment).

Do you agree or disagree? Please give a reason for your position and/or additional reasons for having mandatory military service.