Foot Fungus: Home Remedy

My father successfully used this method to rid himself of a terrible case of foot fungus (open sores and all). The doctor told him that he had 7 different kinds of Athletes Foot. This was in the early 1950’s and he had tried all other treatments of the day. He tried this method in desperation. He stated that he figured that since bleach kills just about anything, it should work… and it did work.

Take two containers (large enough for one foot to fit into), fill them both with just enough water to cover the foot. Hold one foot over the first container, while pouring Clorox bleach over it until the pain is too much. Put the foot into the (now) bleach water, until that becomes too painful. Move the foot to the clean water to rinse, then dry the foot. Repeat this process for the other foot (if it is also affected). Repeat this activity once daily until the sores are gone.

Consider also that he wore white socks that were washed in bleach and which he changed daily. Foot fungus transfers and resides well in moist warm locations, such as bathrooms, shoes, and socks. To prevent a reoccurrence, it is highly recommended to clean these items well or replace them (as appropriate), keep your feet dry, change your socks daily, and wear shower shoes in public showers.


WebMD has a description of several types of foot fungus, common treatment information, and recommendations for prevention.