Intended Topics of Conversation

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► The Arts – The Arts include the graphic arts (painting & drawing), music, pottery, sculpture, storytelling (audio, live, movies, and written), poetry, and woodworking.

► Automotive – Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Vans, and RVs

► Careers

► Communication Skills

► Homemaking – Cooking, Cleaning, Family Values, and Family Education

► Events – Local, Regional, National, and Global

► Education – English (Language), Math, and Science

► Gardening – Fertilizer, Mulch, Flowers, Herbs, Trees, and Pests

► Hobbies

► Politics – Government, Civil Rights, and Law

► Psychology – Animal, Human, Male, and Female

► Religion

► Safety & Security – Home, Personal, Family, School, Travel, Computer, Network, Weapons

► Social Sense – Humanitarianism and Environmentalism

► Travel